RGA University

The RGA University features educational seminars facilitated by RGA members who are experts in their field. These courses offer a great opportunity to learn practical skills and strategies that you can immediately use to grow your business.

Classes are interactive and offer high-quality learning experience in a comfortable learning environment. Seminars typically take place in the evening and last approximately two (2) hours.

If you have questions about our classes or would like to inquire about teaching a course, please email us at: info@rganetwork.net


Our Next University

Topic: Achieving Next Level Growth
Presenter: John Kachurick, Business Coach at Success Unlimited
Price: $29.99
When: March 29th, 2018

This informative and hands-on workshop will provide you tools that you can use to better identify the customers and products that make you money so you can stop chasing customers and start having customers chase you. We teach you how to stop being a small fish in a big pond so you can finally focus on those opportunities that push your business to the next level.


Topic: You’re Not Telling Enough Stories, and It’s Costing Your Business Big Time

Who: Michael J. Sahno, Sahno Publishing

Price: $29


  1. Why storytelling is the number one tool you need in your toolbox to grow your brand and increase your profitability
  2. Why it’s not just about the story of your business, but your customers’ journeys you need to tell the world
  3. What to do to get your message out in a way that resonates with prospects – using the power of story
  4. How to use social media to tell stories better


“Use the power of emotional storytelling to make your target customers feel like heroes and close more deals.

We remember people who tell stories because, as psychologists and neuroscientists tell us, stories form the basis of how we think, organize and remember information. Stories can also move people emotionally and motivate them to buy.

It may surprise you to learn it’s not about your company telling your story. In story-based presentations, the target customer is always the protagonist.

Make the customer the hero of your story, with you simply playing a role in your customer’s story, and you’ll get the desired reaction from your audience — being memorable and creating deeper engagement and sales.”