About Our Directory

RGANetwork.net has SEO power.  The site receives over 70,000 unique local hits per months.

Some of these hits are generated by members seeking contact information to refer other members, some are generated by business owners who are seeking a powerful networking group to help them grow their business, and many of these hits are generated by consumers seeking services from local providers.

As a member, you get to have a presence on a website that receives almost a million hits per year.  That’s marketing power!  Other benefits of the directory include:

  • A web presence for new business owners and entrepreneurs that have not yet launched their own website
  • Back-links to your website, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter profiles support your SEO efforts.
  • Mobile optimization provides a fast and easy way to access member contact information
  • Track your number of hits 24 hours a day by viewing your directory listing
  • Easy to use online form to change your listing.
  • No extra fee, your directory listing is included with your annual membership fee